Explain yourself!

I like to think about the quiet but elephant-sized issues that help us level up in career and life, such as: how we learn best, becoming more present, the dangers of minimalism, playing to win, and automating wasted time.

I aim to lead a fulfilling, virtuous life worth living.

Here are a few of my favorite problems I’m out to solve:

  • How do I truly want to spend my time each day?

  • How do I systemize more things in my life?

  • Who is on my board of advisors?

I also curate and share the most thought provoking writing across the internet.

Who am I, anyway?

I’m a writer, product manager, co-founder, photographer, learner, and idealist. I’ve led teams, build fun things, and think about life all too much.

Originally from New Jersey, grew up in Michigan, and living in Colorado.

You can check out more about me on my website.

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Cullin McGrath

I’m on a relentless pursuit of more.