An exercise in gratitude.
Trying to do more of the same in 2023.

October 2022

One of my closest friends lost a childhood friend earlier this year. We were at an event a few weekends ago when he told a story about how his friend…

August 2022

Some interesting things I've been thinking about, reading, and working on.

May 2022

Hey all, If you’re new here, I’ve been publishing something or another on my birthday each year since I turned 24. You can find these here: 24, 25, 26…
Just show up. That's the secret.

April 2022

A few different ways to approach your finances.

March 2022

Becoming your greatest advocate.

February 2022

A confused love letter about a beautiful state.

December 2021

A few different things I've been thinking about coming into 2022.

November 2021

There's a lot of opportunity for you in the world, given you know what you want.

July 2021

Is there balance in our work and life?