I guess we're making lists now

Something new I've been really enjoying.

Hey everyone.

I’m going to start sending this twice a month instead of weekly. I’ve found myself in an interesting conundrum: I don’t really struggle with what I write.

It’s not only important to me that I challenge myself, but also that I’m delivering writing that I feel is worth your time. I’m actively working on saying more with less.

I’ve peeled back other responsibility in my life to afford me more time to be entrepreneurial, to write usefully, and to enjoy life just a little more.

As always, your feedback is appreciated. If you ever have suggestions or ideas, I love it!

Quote of the week:
"Don't fear change; fear not changing. Even if you've never gone down a particular path, blaze it." — Dave Kerpen

Ten things that require zero talent:

  • Reading

  • Writing 10 bad ideas a day

  • Laughing

  • Being kind

  • Playing

  • Going outside for 10 minutes

  • Deep breaths

  • Being vulnerable

  • Connecting to people

  • 8 hours of sleep

James Altucher once scribbled this list down onto a waiters pad after losing his livelihood in the aftermath of the stock market crash. He also believes that ten simple ideas redirected the course of his life.

Not those specific ten examples so-to-speak, but instead, the exercise of writing ten ideas down a day. He makes his brain sweat every day. If you’re anything like me you might think that this is bologna. Nonsense.

But for once, I thought I’d try it for myself. I make a concerted effort to sit down and write these lists. Some days, I’ve wrote more than twenty ideas for a category.

Perhaps it’s confirmation bias, but I really feel my wit becoming sharper each day. I’m more observant of the world around me and feel more creative in my pursuit. I’m cautiously optimistic that I may never have a zero day again.

Here’s the way I look at it: if I stumble on one great idea out of thousands, the exercise will be a net positive. The other day I listed out 10 TikTok ideas. I have no intention of ever creating a TikTok, but hey, a good idea might just be worth pursuing.

For awhile, I think I’ll scribble in my pad and hope something good comes of it.

I think you should write ten ideas today, too. If you’re struggling to think of a topic, here’s a few ideas. I encourage you to think of your own.

  • Ten bucket-list things I want to do

  • Ten businesses I can start

  • Ten ways I can be a better husband/wife

  • Ten things I want to learn more about

  • Ten things I learned yesterday (and more from James Altucher)

You might also find yourself struggling to fill a full list. If you do, James believes you should try and write 15 ideas instead. Don’t filter or judge your ideas, just write them.

Happy list making!

Granby, Colorado

I spent a long weekend snowboarding out here in Colorado. Calling it a riot would be an understatement. What a blast.

Nature wasn’t kind to me. I’m all sorts of bruised up. See exhibit A:

With that said, I’d say the weekend still turned out great.

Wishing you and yours the best,