Twenty six on my mind

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”
― Albert Einstein

Hey everyone –

Over the last couple of years I’ve wrote some reflections that I carry with me throughout the year prior. You’re more than welcome to check out 25 or 24.

Turning 26 doesn’t even feel real to me. Last year was by far and away one of the most transformative of my life. When I started drafting the last one I was at the coffeeshop up the road from me during the middle of a work-day. I was struggling to find my footing in a new city and wasn’t particularly enjoying myself.

When you’re stuck in a pattern like that, the addition of any negative thing feels like it compounds with more force than the last. This pattern I went through reminded me of my friend’s dad. He would share these beautiful photos of the sun rising on the lake behind their New Jersey home. He adored that house. The caption was generally as simple as “Life is good” and man, he really meant it.

I’ve come to learn that sometimes enjoying life really is that simple - it’s a beautiful day with someone you care about or even a nice sunrise on the same lake you’ve woken up to for years. We all experience setbacks, and some experience the gravity of setbacks that have been infinitely worse than mine.

My friends dad experienced them, I experience them, and you surely will continue to. But I plan to keep moving and I sincerely hope you do too. Things have trended positively. I’ve found my footing, left bad energy in the rearview, and 26 will surely be great.

This weekend, I’m actually spending the day cleaning out the house I bought years ago. For awhile it was my home but it won’t be for long. I’m happy and sad all at once. Today I arose with a renewed sense of optimism. I might not be on a picturesque lake, but today I still peeled back the curtain, looked out into the world, and thought to myself: “Life is good.”

Things have been hectic lately but I hope to find more time to write soon. While I don’t have 26 things to share this year, I hope that you still stick around for next year.

And with that, here’s to 26! As always, thank you for reading.

Wishing you and yours the best,