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Interesting perspectives. Somke of the links were broken (https://www.politico.com/story/2015/07/trump-attacks-mccain-i-like-people-who-werent-captured-12031). The 20k misleading... article was very left leaning. All in all, impressive article! In the end, elections have consequences and you have to take responsibility and do what you think is best. There will never be a perfvect candidate, but there is a candidate that is right for the time despite any indifference you have on the menu.

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So, I can't go and check every link to tell how far it leans left and right. I can't yet say that every point in here, whether it was from you or from another source, is one that I agree or disagree with. But I can say that your writing in this piece was excellent. Mature. Human. The most important part - it kept me reading. Cullin, you are such a good writer that you could say 15 things I disagree with, and you'd still keep me reading because you present you're already skilled at presenting your thoughts in a way that isn't pretentious. You are coming alive as a writer. And that's the single most terrifying thing a writer could do. Because to be alive as a writer means to express thoughts and opinions that people will disagree with. Good. Let them disagree. Let your closest friends disagree with you. That's the mark of an individual thinker. That's the mark of someone who was born to write.

You were born to write.

So please, keep writing.

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